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Lessons Learned from Doing a Large Point Of Sale Implementation

A large-scale POS system implementation is a complex and interdisciplinary venture, and one that requires a significant level of soft skills. It is not only about the technical knowledge of POS software and hardware, their integration into existing systems and interface management – although that’s, of course, important too. On top of the technical know-how,

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Retailers’ Aging POS Platforms in Need of a Makeover

With the average age of POS platform being 6.9 years, the retail industry needs to address aging and outdated POS systems or face compliance penalties, security risks and limited ability to meet growing business needs. As a result, a majority of the surveyed retailers (6 in 10) are planning to replace their POS platform over

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Everything You Need to Know About the Millennial Consumer

No demographic is as appealing to marketers as millennials, those folks born between 1981 and 2000. Many articles and studies have focused on reaching this elusive adult consumer, who has money and eschews traditional methods of communication in favor of a life largely spent online. Here are some stats about your favorite target audience from

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New Click and Collect, the seamless transition from on-line to in-store shopping

This is the new shopping magic – easier, simpler and faster. Welcome to the seamless transition from on-line to in-store shopping. You can now upload and enjoy the many attractions of this handy new shopping tool that binds busy people and brick and mortar stores. It’s 8.15 on a rainy Monday. Busy day for Adam.

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The Art & Science of Retail

XSi Retail Partners is a Retail focused consulting firm, helping retailers to be more competitive and increasing the bottom line. Our firm is headed by recognized leaders with extensive experience in Retail and Information Technology for over 30 years.