Sell easily and securely across all your channels with DynaPAY for LS Central

Giving you the power to choose the most cost-effective payment processors.


A better experience, for you and your customers

DynaPAY supports all major card types, including credit, debit, private-label, loyalty, and gift-program.

POS Crredit Cards
Credit Cards

Support your favorite payment service provider

Our payment solution allows you to select the payment processor of your choice and handles all aspects of the transaction process: PIN Pad interaction, communication protocols, bank-specific message processing, and receipt formatting.

A few of our payment processors

Offer secure transactions across your channels

Capture all sales opportunities with a true omni-channel payments solution. DynaPay will securely manage all of your customers’ transactions, no matter if they take place inside your store or through your e-commerce platform.

Find your way in the ever-changing payment landscape

The payment landscape is complex and every-changing, but as a retailer, you can’t ignore innovation. Download this whitepaper to understand today’s trends, and discover what you should look for in a payment platform.

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