The art and science of retail

Business is creative, like painting where technology is science and knowledge. We bridge both skills to implement the perfect retail solution.

“We are a retail focused consulting firm, helping retailers to be more competitive”

Our firm is headed by recognized leaders with extensive experience in retail and Information technology for over 30 years. Our principles are actively involved in all engagements, and have real-world experience as business owners.

That deep and focused experience transforms into a meaningful understanding of your retail reality and sets us apart. From our first meeting, we believe you’ll notice that XSi is not your typical retail consulting firm. The reason is simple: Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive solutions that will transform your business.

“We make your problems our priority and your goals our mission”

Our leadership team

Marc Otis

Senior Partner

Marc has spent 25 years of his professional life in the ERP space where he co-founded Strophe, a consultancy and specialized Microsoft Dynamics partner that grew to 80 professionals. With 500+ implementations to his credit, of which a large segment was specifically focused on the retail and hospitality industries, Marc has been involved with retailers such as Barney’s New York, Buffalo, US Coast Guard Exchange and Dynamite.

Suzana Cindric

Senior Partner

Suzana’s experience spans retail, technology, sales and marketing where she gained much of her experience with leading retail systems providers. Suzana had led mission critical initiatives where she worked with hundreds of top retail chains in North America including the Running Room, Mexx Canada, La Vie en Rose, Charm Diamond Centers, Shoe City, and Bronners Christmas Wonderland.

Jean Provencher

Senior Partner

Jean was co-founder and president of Strophe, a Microsoft Dynamics consultancy specialized in the retail and hospitality industries. With more than 500 combined implementations, Jean has been instrumental in helping many retailers like Danier Leather, The Paradies Shops & Newlook, among others, to streamline their management systems and processes.

Striving to be the best


Putting our heart and mind in the work we do to get outstanding results.


The secret to finding the potential that exists within all people involved in our project.


To come out with new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.


Being efficient and effective in our approach to give best solution each time.

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