DynaPAY a new Integrated Payment Processing Solution for LS Central

XSi Retail Partners and Tender Retail Join Forces to Provide Retailers using LS Retail an Integrated Payment Processing Solution - DynaPAY

XSi Retail Partners recently completed a successful integration called DynaPAY between LS Central from LS Retail and Tender Retail. By leveraging the Tender Retail platform and a proven solution and methodology, retailers get an integrated and secure payment system without introducing additional complexity to PCI compliance and certification.

DynaPAY and Tender Retail support contact and contactless EMV payment, provides a fast and secure payment option to merchants and protects cardholder data with point-to-point encryption (P2PE). Using contactless technology (NFC), the devices will also support digital wallets such as Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®.

Tender Retail middleware software solution provides a “direct to the processor” approach, giving retailers the flexibility to choose the device and processor of their choice and bypass middlemen gateways for a quicker and more cost-effective method for payment processing.

Tender Retail will integrate with all the major processors like;
. Chase
. Desjardins
. Global Payments
. Moneris
. TD Bank
. Elavon
. Fiserv
. Wordpay
. Heartland
. Servicios Digitales Popular

Discover Tender Retail at https://tender-retail.acceo.com/solutions/payment-solution/

Discover more about XSi Retail Partners at http://www.xsi.bz/company

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