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Gosselin Photo Embrace New Innovation with LS Central

Discover how XSi Retail Partners helped Gosselin Photo, established in 1939, to embrace new innovation with a single retail platform LS Central.

Discover how XSi Retail Partners helped Gosselin Photo to embrace new innovation with a single retail platform LS Central. Established in 1939, and for a long time known as “Studios Gosselin”, today Gosselin Photo is the largest retailer of photographic products and services in Eastern Quebec, Canada.

Offering advanced amateurs and professionals a complete range of photography products and services at very competitive prices, delivered by staff that is highly qualified and passionate about photography, Gosselin sells more than 5,000 products and services in its stores and on its website.

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XSi Retail Partners is a retail-focused team offering structured implementation, training, development, and support services with clients in footwear, apparel, photography and accessories, building materials, and home furnishings.

With their combined retail experience, XSi Retail Partners is dedicated to serving retail chains with a personalized implementation approach. As business and retail experts, XSi Retail Partners takes the time to understand the client’s challenges and in turn, design the proper solution to meet their objectives.

LS Central is based on the Microsoft Business Central platform, which offers all of the Microsoft tools and flexibility as the foundation, and the LS Central specific functionality required to manage a complete retail chain operation.

Retail-specific features include inventory planning, allocation, item seasonality and groupings, automated replenishment, store and staff management, fully configurable point of sale, as well as a complete module to manage customer orders with options for pickup and delivery across the chain, dependent on the retailer’s process.

eCommerce integrations to most major platforms are also available to provide retailers with one central repository for items, inventory availability, customers, pricing, and orders to avoid redundancy and utilize the core of LS Central to manage this entity similar to a standard brick and mortar location.

LS Retail partners implement the LS Central solution which caters to retail chains with small to large footprints and can be implemented in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid approach, proving retailers with a multitude of options for deployment.

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