B2 Outlets Benefits from a New Retail Enterprise Solution with LS Central and XSi Retail Partners

B2 Outlets “Benefit Twice Outlet Stores”, www.b2outlets.com was founded in 2013 in memory of Karin, co-founders Duane Smith’s wife and Matt Smith’s mother. Their mission is to benefit the consumer by offering quality products at a fraction of the cost, with a percentage of their profits shared with various charitable organizations. Their mission has now touched thousands of lives and Karin’s legacy of compassionately caring for others continues with every purchase.

An outdated system unable to support business growth

B2 Outlets decided to replace their existing retail and inventory solutions due to their significant growth, they currently have over 20 stores to date with continued plans for expansion into 2021 and further. The main catalyst for this change included their down-time in stores which led to lost sales, as well as of a lack of warehousing capabilities and reporting. The company was running a host of disparate systems, including a POS solution, a purchasing and inventory management solution predominantly via Excel, and a version of Quick Books for financials.

B2 Outlets performed an extensive search of solutions in the market and ultimately decided on LS Central with the core platform of Microsoft Business Central for inventory control and financials. The implementation is ongoing with a late Spring 2021 rollout with the assistance of XSi Retail Partners for their retail solutions specialist.

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